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I hate meetings.

- everyone

No agenda. Lack of prep. Jungle of emails. Wrong people in the room. Notes are lacking. No one asked for my input. Running late...should we keep going?

Yeah, it can get bad. And then the meeting culture turns to one of avoidance. Meetings are declared to be useless. We've been there.

Some turn to all–in collaboration setups and video conferencing. Does more complexity and seeing faces solve the problem?

We believe a few simple ideas are key to a good meeting. And simple tools can help.
Stop hating. Start GoodMeeting.

No more hidden agendas

GoodMeeting for iPad® makes it simple to create and share agendas with everyone using AirDrop, AirPrint, Mail, or Message. The Multi‑Touch planner brings the power of drag and drop to quickly and easily organize content for your meetings. Work effortlessly with others using the PDF document sharing features.

Notes. Organized. Awesome.

Note taking is simple and quick. GoodMeeting organizes notes before, during, and after meetings and by topic. Notes are easy to find and provide a complete history every time. Make your notes awesome by using #tags to callout decisions, tasks, and ideas. Attribute content to team members to remember who said what or who took on the task.
Note taking

Power tools

Add tools to link to web and Dropbox content, manage a brainstorm session, organize talking points, conduct surveys, and make decisions. They're simple and powerful and always accessible. Include tools when you share an agenda so your team can get up to speed on topic content and better prepare for the meeting.

Make it historical

All your past meetings are only one tap away. See the final agenda as it was recorded by GoodMeeting. Review meeting notes, tagged items, and your topic content. A few taps and you can quickly share a PDF of the meeting notes with others. Got a topic to revisit in your next meeting? Simply drag it into the agenda.
Past meetings

There's plenty of space to work

Workspaces organize topics and teams. Create a Workspace for projects, working groups, committees, staff one-on-ones, volunteer organizations, daily stand-ups, whatever your needs. See your meeting calendar with greater detail and direct access to agendas and topic content. All on your iPad.

People are saying good things

Good under the hood

Offline Workforce

GoodMeeting was designed to be simple and available 24/7. Stuck in an airport or out in the wild? You can still keep working, offline, planning your agenda, adding notes, creating content. When you're back online, GoodMeeting will connect to your cloud content services and web sites.

Zoning Authority

Meetings are hard enough without having to juggle timezones. GoodMeeting was built with remote teams and time travelers in mind. On the Best Coast? Don't worry, we'll adjust the agenda dates and times for you. Don't miss another meeting because you showed up at the wrong time.

Time Keeper

Time keeping super skills are built in so you can stop watching the clock and get in the meeting. Budget time for discussion and GoodMeeting will help keep you on schedule with meeting timers, topic timers, and timers to go around the room for feedback. We keep it all low key, so you won't get distracted.

Contacts Integration

Link in your team from Contacts to make them presenters, capture their comments, and share content. Team member profiles are always kept up–to–date with Contacts so you don't have to maintain copies of the same information.

Calendar Integration

GoodMeeting provides a rich view of your next meetings with quick access to Calendar events, invitees, and agendas. Create meeting events in GoodMeeting. Invite the team with just a few taps. Changes in GoodMeeting and Calendar are kept in sync.

Designed for iPad

Multi-Touch, meaningful animations, retina graphics, and clear and simple visual design create a user experience that assists you without demanding too much attention so you can stay focused and engaged in achieving good meetings.


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Download GoodMeeting on the App Store

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